Sunday, October 16, 2011

A teachers' TV Programme: Anatomy of a Lesson

Episode 1: Classroom event
Station work catered for different learning styles. Tasks to get the children thinking - inquiry based learning.
Feedback - "who feeds from feedback? Is it the teacher or the learners?" In this case the whiteboards were used as a means of assessment (for the teacher), which is quick & effective.

Episode 2: Feedback
Idea of an inclusive classroom - teacher sat down & talked with the group. She also tried to include all students in the group.

The good comments proposed by the students at the end of the lesson aren't being recorded neither by the teacher nor the students themselves. So ultimately they have been 'lost' - individuals feeding back to the teacher. When giving feedback, teachers must ask themselves: "How does this work as feedback? Is it beneficial or just a means of 'doing' feedback?"

Thinking more about the more complex pedagogic practices: saying less & facilitating more in terms of pupil's learning.

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