Saturday, October 15, 2011

Teacher's TV

Classroom Event:

The fact that during group work, the teacher was a good guide/facilitator of what what was happening in the groups and was going around guiding the groups what to do. The students were free to do the work however they could have asked for help if it was needed

I also like the idea of sitting with some of the students at a time and discussing with them. I have used it sometimes and I noticed that students focus more. Having said that, the other students must be doing some type of work and not left waiting.


In my opinion it was given from a constructivist point of view. I think both the speakers had constructivism at the back of their mind especially during the seconds half of the feedback. This is because they said that:
  • it was not healthy that the teacher had a rigid lesson structure in mind,
  • teacher holds pupils back from exploring further into the subject.
  • teacher is not flexible enough for what the students were asking.
  • teacher was not fully able to respond to what happened and what pupils said in the lesson.
  • They also said 'Fixing the knowledge...' meaning that knowledge already existed within the pupils.
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